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X Bionic Men's Boxer Shorts X Bionic Men's Boxer Shorts Ref: 6153
X Bionic Men's Boxer Shorts

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Cools when you're sweating and warms you when you're not. Keeps your body at its preferred and optimal temperature of 37 degrees.

The cooling effect of X-Bionic underwear is only activated once you start sweating. It's clever regualtion system works with the most reliable of starter: your sweat. The X-Bionic baselayer regulates climate control; it has been developed by scientists and tested by endurance athletes. You know that unpleasant feeling of having just sweated and then feeling cold. This is overcooling. X-Bionic baselayers prevent these chills. If no sweat is present, then a unique process uses air heated by the body as thermal insulation.


Two step front 3-D Bionic - provides support and reduces friction
3-D-Bionic Sphere Protection at the coccyx


69% SkinNODOR®
21% Polyamide
9% Elastane
1% Mythlan™
90% Polyamide
9% Elastane
1% Polypropylene

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Price: 16.99


X Bionic Men's Boxer ShortsX Bionic Men's Boxer Shorts
Cools when you're sweating and warms you when you're not. Keeps your body at its preferred and optimal temperature of 37 degrees.
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X Bionic 37CCR Baselayer Technology

X Bionic 37CCR Baselayer Technology
X-Bionic® Functional Underwear™ is the first underwear worldwide to incorporate 37°CCR-Technology™. This technology is based on the observation that the body consists of different climate zones that react differently to physical exertion. Whereas some areas are highly prone to hypothermia (e.g. thighs, knees, calves), others quickly produce excess heat. Accordingly, this means the body has to regulate its heat balance differently in these different zones in order to
maintain an optimal core temperature of 37°C. For example, some areas typically perspire heavily and others quickly feel cold, while others do not.

Conventional underwear cannot do this fact justice, since all parts of the body are insulated to the same degree. On the other hand, X-Bionic® Functional Underwear™ works according to the principle of individual climate regulation, like the body itself. Depending on the typical response of individual areas of the body and on the degree of physical exertion, it not only provides effective protection from excessive cooling: The multifunctional Interface of X-Bionic® Functional Underwear™ with 37°CCR-Technology™ simultaneously allows excess heat to be transported to the surrounding air or to those areas where additional heat is needed.

Underwear™ features unique functions that provide for effective cooling and drying of the skin. AirTraps™ with climate channels allow moisture to escape and evaporate. The cooling effect of evaporation cools the air in the climate channels and thus the skin's surface, even though the skin is not covered in perspiration.

This is particularly important whenever strenuous physical activity leads to heavy perspiration, as in the case of the back, for example. When activity is less strenuous, AirTraps™ make use of the insulating properties of air to protect the same areas from cold and prevent shivering. This unique alternation of warming and cooling functions ensures optimal, precise climate control for the body during physical activity

The 3Dimensional Bionic Sphere System

The 3Dimensional Bionic Sphere System
High-tech performance, high-tech name: The 3Dimensional-Bionic-Sphere® System.

A series of cleverly-devised innovations prevents direct contact with the skin. A regulating system located up to 5mm from the skin and consisting of air chambers, canals and storage niches uses moisture to gain energy.

The 3D-Bionic-Sphere® System leaves a permanent regulated dose of excess moisture on the skin which the body does not sense as wetness. The skin lacks sensors for sweat. It is only when droplets form and they begin to trickle that the skin registers “wetness”. But this moisture is immediately collected in the storage niches as sweat repositories. This leaves enough moisture on the skin to allow cooling by evaporation, without you feeling damp.
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